Testimonial about VOX language courses from Pawel


Pawel shares his experience with VOX.

It all started with Russian. In the beginning, Pawel said that he is not gifted for language learning because he is rather talented in maths. After the first Russian course at VOX and a successful experience, he also took a German course. Then he said that he understood how the VOX method works and decided to start learning Arabic by himself and took an Arabic course at VOX much later to consolidate his acquired knowledge.

Metalevel of language learning at VOX

It's all about each student's individual needs at VOX. Whether it's linguistic or any other struggle, we take language learning in its totality to shape a highly individualized learning experience for any learner.

Why are VOX language courses different from others?

We program learner's subconsciousness with short, catchy operational thoughts that lead to correct speaking. We focus on active speaking and pronunciation because it's an integral part of the successful speaking learning process. The nice pronunciation will help to form a new strong personality in your learning language.
At VOX, you don't only learn the new language, but you discover how to learn languages in general.
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