Online Language Courses at VOX

849 views September 30, 2020

See the list of all upcoming German online courses here See the list of all upcoming English...


Why should you choose VOX Language School?

1,145 views September 30, 2020

Video about core values and unique features of VOX.


Igor presents his mission

195 views October 22, 2020


Intro to VOX Language School

20,632 views October 23, 2020

Why should you choose VOX-Sprachschule for your language course? You are unique - and we love...


15 min a Day WhatsApp Conversation Courses

628 views March 17, 2022

If you're into improving your language skills and making progress very quickly, here's a...


VOX Notebook

1,343 views December 15, 2020

Igor introduces the new VOX Notebook by guiding through the different sections of the Notebook...


VOX German Grading Test

715 views December 23, 2020

Igor guides you through the German grading test at VOX and explains how to quickly determine your...


Csaba's experience learning German at VOX

163 views November 10, 2020

Csaba's story learning German at VOXCsaba was one of the most successful students at VOX. He...


Testimonial about VOX language courses from Pawel

6 views November 10, 2020

Pawel shares his experience with VOX.It all started with Russian. In the beginning, Pawel said...


You need to learn German with VOX!

80 views November 02, 2020

Here's our promo video for German learners!


Online language courses VOX

9,265 views October 28, 2020

Quality of our online language coursesWe teach only in small groups of 2-3 students to bring...


After the COVID-19 lockdown

94 views September 30, 2020


The Rule of Consistency

103 views September 30, 2020

15 minutes a day to succeed in every languageIgor explains the importance of being consistent. It...


Professional teachers

3,563 views October 23, 2020

Every teacher working at VOX-Sprachschule has a university background in linguistics and is...