Focus on speaking and pronunciation


Why is speaking crucial in a language course?

Speaking is at the core of our teaching method: Only by speaking can you learn to talk. Speaking is the oldest and the most natural function of the language.

VOX takes it as a mission to teach you to speak without losing time. It doesn't mean that you will not learn to write or understand or that you will not learn the grammar but only have a chat in the course. We'll help you to integrate the language system in a very scientific and at the same time reality and activity driven way. The course will be based on scientific findings in linguistics but will respect one main target: to port your linguistic reality into the new language. You'll learn the vocabulary and grammar that you need for your personal or professional life as a priority.

Grammar at VOX

We will atomize the grammar into small catchy operational thoughts that can be integrated into correct active speaking. Once the speaking works, it will be an easy game to learn anything in the language. But suppose you decide to go with a school that concentrates on transmitting passive knowledge like understanding, writing, reading, and dry grammar exercises. In that case, you will still have to learn to speak separately. Don't forget that you will not have enough time to talk in large groups of more than five students, and your language learning can be unnecessarily prolonged by years this way. Seemingly cheap courses will turn into a considerable investment. Give VOX a chance to prove our value and come for a trial lesson to see yourself how we work.
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