Studying in small groups


Why should you learn only in a group of max. 5 students

The group size is one of the most important factors responsible for learning in a language course. In groups of more than 5 people, the teacher will not have enough time for your individual needs and struggles. You will also not have enough speaking time possibility in a bigger group, and you cannot learn to speak without speaking. You can learn to understand, read, and write, but you will still need to learn how to speak. If you know how to speak already, everything else is a natural and easy consequence.

It is a pleasure to be in a small group course. It feels like being in a family circle and getting connected to all the participants on a higher level. The teacher feels like a friend, showing you around the beautiful linguistic landscape. He or she is not being like a lector at a university standing in front of a big audience and reading a lecture in a very dogmatic and boring way. Courses at VOX are very interactive and involving, using a lot of imitation, pronunciation, exaggeration, working on your personal recurring mistakes, and enforcing everyone's active speaking. At VOX, you will never be bored because you'll have to say or repeat something almost every minute.

Speed of learning and individual learning targets

In groups of 3-5 students at VOX, you will learn one full level in as fast as 1-3 months, depending on the course's intensity. That's a pretty ambitious promise, but hundreds of students who already enjoyed VOX courses prove that it's possible.

We renounced on levels subdivisions in A1.1, A1.2, A1.3, etc. These subdivisions only exist because the courses in big groups cannot progress fast. If you did an A1.1 course, you feel rather compelled to continue in the next course, so it's also an economic mechanism of certain schools to bind you to the school and to make you think that the course is cheaper. But in reality, you need to book 3 or 4 courses to achieve one full level and lose a lot of personal time on the way. At VOX, we want to bring you to speaking and achieving your targets without losing time!

Check out our Google Reviews page to read the amazing feedback from our clients about our courses' setup and quality.

The small groups allow our tutors to tailor the course exactly around your personal needs. No matter if you want to learn to speak or if you need professional communication of any kind, or maybe you want to prepare for an official exam. At VOX, your wish will be respected and integrated into the lesson structure. 
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